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Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company "Replace the Tower Campaign"


"Reaching New Heights"


The Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company, Replace the Tower Campaign has adopted the very appropriate slogan of “Reaching New Heights.” It is our goal to reach those heights with contributions from you and others like yourself who may depend on our fire company having the right equipment should the need arise at your home.

The Tower Truck we are replacing (as shown below at a fire on Bayard Avenue) has served your community well for over 25 years. It is time to modernize to a new more maneuverable Tower Truck with better technology and equipment. If your house is over two stories or it is off the road we need to be able to reach your roof. While our current Tower Truck meets these criteria, it has reached the end of its life span. We cannot afford to have it malfunction when we may need it the most.

The new Tower Truck will meet all modern standards with improved technology and increased capabilities which will allow us to better perform our job. As we have mentioned before, we receive less than 50% of our funding from Government. The rest we raise on our own. When it comes to replacing a costly vehicle we have to use other methods in, addition to our regular fund drive, such as this Capital Campaign.

We need the assistance of our entire community to reach our fundraising goal for the new Tower Truck. The firefighting service provided by the RBVFC provides is something that all of our residents and business owners depend upon, but we need your help to continue to provide the best service possible. Homeowners or businesses who donate $1000 or more will receive special recognition. If you have any questions, would like to tour our stations, would like to see our budget, or if you just wish to talk about the campaign please contact the Campaign Chairman, Warren Jones at 302-535-4566. Thank you and be safe.

To make a tax-deductible online donation, please click on the button below - again, homeowners or businesses who donate $1000 or more will receive special recognition!




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