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Motor Vehicle Accident - Angola Rd.
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Station 86 was alerted for a motor vehicle accident with rollover with possible ejection. Quint 86 went en route with 3rd Asst. Chief Mitchell. Upon Q-86 arrival,86-19 established command and advised 1 vehicle with no rollover but 2 patients. D-82 arrived with Q86 and began patient care. Command 86 advised that Trooper 2 would be utilized. B-86 and C-86 arrived. B-86 crew assisted D-82 with both patients. Medic 106 also on scene conducted pt. care.D-82 transported 1 patient and after Trooper landed, it was determined that the other pt. was not stable enough to fly. B-86 and Medic 106 transported. Scene turned over DSP.

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