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Chimney Fire - Whisperwood Ln.
Thursday, December 8, 2011

Station 86 was alerted for a chimney fire on Whisperwood Ln. B-86 arrived onscene and advised fire on the first floor fireplace area. Command 86 with Deputy Chief Blizzard arrived and advised fire around the chimney on the roof. Call was upgraded to a structure fire with station 82 due. Engine 86-2 arrived and its crew went to work. Engine 86-9 arrived and wrapped the plug and laid app 400 feet of 5 inch up to 86-2. Ladder 86 arrived just before station 82 units. The roof was laddered and station 82 personell went to work on the roof. Approximatley 30-40 minutes into the alarm, the scene was placed under control by command 86.

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