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RBVFC Presents Award to the BBVFC And Crew From Quint 70 - Bethany Beach Fire Company Headquarters
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On March 10th the Rehoboth Beach Fire Company officers along with firefighter Walter Brittingham presented a life saving award to the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company and the crew members from quint 70 ( Lt. Wisseman, Sgt Hudson, FF Donofrio, and FF/PM Hammerer) for there valiant efforts on February 16th as they operated as the R.I.T. at structure fire in Dewey Beach. Firefighter Brittingham was operating the pump panel on engine 86-9 just behind were the crew from Quint 70 established there staging area. Firefighter Donofrio heard a thud and turned around to find Firefighter Brittingham on the ground. The crew from quint 70 rushed to firefighter Brittingham’s side. The crew quickly checked for a pulse finding no pulse they quickly applied the AED and shocked firefighter Brittingham 1 time restoring his heart beat. If it was not for the quick action of the crew from quint 70, the doctors at the hospital told Firefighter Brittingham that he would not be here today. Great Job Guys!!!!

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